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A forward-looking approach to I.T.

Your one-stop I.T. solution partner that ensures your future business with long-term success.

: concerned with or planning for the future
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Revolutionize your I.T. infrastructure

Looking to develop a new system for your next business venture? Needing revitalization to meet growing needs? We are here to help!

We provide Technical Consultants to guide you through the entire product development journey, which means pre-analysis and planning, transparent and hands-on development process and after care for your long-term success.


You are having trouble pushing forward your business but don’t know what are the problems/ how to solve them? We provide you with a thorough technical review on your current situations and a step-by-step plan for full solution, whether it’s software, hardware, costs, resources, quality, or dates.

Product Development

Is your business entering a new venture or you need to revitalize old systems? Are you scaling-up or taking a new market direction? We help redefine your business processes and deliver feasible options to revolutionize your business.

Proof of concept

From having an amazing idea to a fully functioning product, the first step you need to take is to validate that idea. We’ll ask you exactly what you need in order to provide a “living, breathing” proof of concept to show you the feasibility. All you need to say is “show me the code”, and we’ll say YES, WE WILL!

Bespoke development

We can build your entire product or we can provide individual experts to compliment your teams. We scale on demands and our engineers are managed on site by a Particle Forward consultant.

Minimum Viable Product

We’ll scope your product with you and help you define your business needs. We can create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to deliver business value in the early stage of the development process. Furthermore, give us the green light to build your full product and all previous MVP work is on us.


We take our customers to the moon

We are proud to be part of our clients’ ventures and success. Here’s what they say about us.

Our new application faced a really tight delivery schedule and had huge expectations from the stakeholders but despite all the pressure, Particle Forward was a pleasure to work with. They were transparent throughout and delivered quality across the project
Daniel Kohlstaedt image
Daniel KohlstaedtCEO / Co-FounderEnavia

We faced several challenges in the early stages of the project but Particle Forward tackled all the issues head on. The development provided a scalable and well-built  solution that we’re still using to this day

Particle Forward brought much needed transparency. They were solution oriented and effective in everything they did. We thrive for quality so I would always recommend Particle Forward for technical support.
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Petri VuorinenCTOLähiTapiola